Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why New Zealand for restoration?
A -
The exchange rate between the New Zealand and the US dollar is very favourable with the NZ dollar worth between 60 to 65 US cents (NB: obviously this exchange rate varies daily. For an estimate of the current exchange rate, a currency converter is provided below). This translates to an exceptionally competitive labour rate, resulting in significant savings for the international customer over the course of a major restoration. Also, New Zealand is a small island nation remotely situated in the South Pacific, and traditionally has had to make do with whatever commodities were available. This 'make do' attitude is frequently found in New Zealand trades-people who possess a higher than normal ability to repair and rebuild machinery. These skills are invaluable when working with rare aircraft.

Q - What certification is available?
A -
There are two options for certification. US FAA registration and certification in either the limited or experimental categories depending on the type, or New Zealand registration and certification in the Special Experimental category.

Q - Are there any tax considerations?
A -
New Zealand has a Goods and Services Tax (GST) which applies to all sales. In the case of an aircraft being imported to New Zealand for restoration and re-export, an agreement with the NZ Customs can be obtained which exempts the temporary import from GST. All that is required is a simple rebuild contract to be in place between the restoration company and the client. With this contract in place, all the charges for the restoration are exempt the tax. There are no other taxes.

Q - How would the job be charged?
A -
Initially a deposit equal to the first month's charges is levied. A detailed summary of the work completed is prepared at the end of each month along with photos of the projects progress. This summary is normally sent by email and the invoice for the work sent by fax. Payment is then due within 10 days. Some clients have engaged an independent engineer to inspect and verify the completed work on a monthly basis. We have welcomed this initiative and believe it assists in bridging the geographic gap that often exists.

Q - Shipping?
A -
Excellent shipping services are available from the port of Auckland with daily sailing's to the USA and Britain on any of the worlds major lines. We have containerised a number of projects in the past and have also travelled abroad to carry out the re-assembly and acceptance tests.


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